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We are always looking for ways to better serve our patients. With recommendations from our professional staff, we focus on what you want rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our primary focus is to get the results you are looking for and enhance your natural beauty.

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a problem for both men and women. Laser hair removal is a simple and fast way to permanently reduce or remove facial or body hair. During laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hair. This delays or stops future hair growth.

Treatments are done in office by one of our trained professionals and usually requires a series of 5-6 treatments. The interval between treatments will vary depending on the location and desired outcome. For each treatment you'll wear special goggles to protect your eyes from the laser beam. Depending on the type of laser, a cooling device on the tip of the instrument or a cool gel is used to protect your skin and lessen the risk of side effects. You might feel discomfort, such as a warm pinprick, and you'll likely feel a sensation of cold from the cooling device or gel.

Our Candela Gentle Laser Pro is for light to medium skin tones, and brown to black hairs. Our GentleMax Pro laser is safe and effective for all skin types, including medium brown to dark. Call us today for a consultation with our staff to determine if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal and which laser is right for you.

Age Spot Removal

Age spots are a cosmetic concern for many patients. They can occur on nearly any part of the body, and are often something patients want removed whether or not they bother him or her. The Alexandrite laser reduces the appearance of brown spots from sun damage. This treatment takes just a few minutes, with little to no pain. Many patients are happy with one to two Alexandrite laser treatments for smaller brown spots.

Skin Tightening

Smooth Out the Lines of Time with Sublative/eMatrix wrinkle reduction. This technology has been shown to effectively treat mild to moderate wrinkles, acne scars, red and brown spots, striae (stretch marks) and textural irregularities. This is truly the next generation of safe and effective rejuvenation technology.

Treatments are done in office by one of our trained professionals. RF energy is precisely directed to the skin in the form of a matrix. Healthy skin around the dots accelerates the healing process of the skin. Post treatment, new collagen and healthy skin cells are produced. Mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial skin discolorations are reduced. The texture of your skin becomes more smooth and elastic. On average, patients require 1-3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Chemical Peels

Skin connects us to the outside world. It's part of every smile, every handshake, and most importantly, it protects us from the potentially damaging influences of daily life. Chemical peels remove the outermost layers of the skin, improving and smoothing the texture. Treatments are done in office, a chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off.

We offer a variety of Glytone peels starting from very mild for pigmentation and fine lines to acne peels and deeper peels for rejuvenating. The type of chemical peel varies depending on your desired outcome and recovery time. Peels can help with melasma, aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, and active acne. A consultation with our esthetician will help determine which peel is best for you.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers of today are a brilliant group of injectables that rejuvenate and enhancing your look by softening lines, replacing volume loss from aging and contouring the natural lines of the face.

Treatments are done by injection, in the office, and take just a few minutes. Many fillers contain lidocaine, a numbing medicine, so patients report a low level of tolerable pain during the procedure. Some patients will require several treatments over the course of weeks or months to achieve their desired look followed by occasional touch-ups.

There are many dermal fillers on the market, each of them providing different results. Examples of excellent dermal fillers include Juvederm®, Juvederm® Voluma and Belotero®. It is important to consult with a properly trained, experienced and Board-Certified Dermatologist in order to achieve optimal results. Our Dermatologists have years of experience, schedule your appointment with Dr. Rainey or Dr Finklea today!


BOTOX® and Xeomin® Cosmetic is a simple, nonsurgical treatment injected directly into the muscles, blocking nerve impulses. This reduces muscle activity, improving the look of fine lines, and wrinkles on the face.

Treatments are done by injection, in the office, and take just a few minutes. The needle used is very small, so pain is usually minimal. Most patients do not require downtime and can resume their daily activities immediately. You should see a noticeable improvement in the treated frown lines and furrows within a few days, and the appearance of wrinkles should continue to improve up to a month. The results can last 4-5 months - this means you will need touch ups a few times a year to maintain your refreshed look.

See how BOTOX® and Xeomin® Cosmetic can change the way you look and feel. Schedule your free consultation today!


Your skin goes through a lot on a daily basis. After continuously fighting against the sun’s harmful rays, harsh winds, toxins and pollution, eventually your complexion will show signs of the battle. Your body’s natural defenses will begin to break down and your skin will appear dry, rough, damaged and dull. Microdermabrasion is a treatment that removes the outer later that has been exposed - after several sessions, that layer is gone and all of the imperfections that exist on it improve.

We offer 2 types of microdermabrasion. The Diamondtome system is a crystal free system, that allows for gental abrasion to the surface layers of the skin. Treatment with our diamond tipped face wands are considered “lunch hour” procedures. They take about 25 to 45 minutes, and you will be able to return to work and your normal daily activities right away.

We also offer the standard crystal based microdermabrasion system, that can allow for a deeper dermabrasion process. The crystal microdermabrasion machines use a hand-held device on the skin to propel a flow of aluminum oxide crystals onto the face. The machine at the same time sucks up excess dirt, dead skin cells and the particles themselves. This treatment requires a bit more down time as the skin will be red from deeper penetration, so its recommended to do this before a weekend at home and out of the sun. A consultation with our esthetician will help determine which treatment is best for you.

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